FastWRAP™ Training

Hands-on training covering core product features

FastEST, Inc. provides hands-on training of the FastWRAP mechanical insulation estimating software at various locations throughout the country. While the FastWRAP training course is ideal for the beginner, it is also beneficial for advanced users who want in-depth knowledge of the product's capabilities. FastWRAP training courses normally require one full day (about 6 hours) of class time. Topics covered are summarized in the following sections.

Application Setup

Learn how to setup customer information, labor rate sets, material discount sets, and other advanced features of the system. Shows how to configure jobs for imperial or metric plans.

Automated Updates

FastEST, Inc. has automated the software and catalog update process. This section covers how we notify you of new updates and how you can choose when to install them on your system.

Master Catalog

The Master Catalog is the heart of the estimating engine. This section covers all aspects of how the catalog manages insulation material. Includes details on how to navigate the hierarchical structure as well as customizing formulas for calculating specific insulation material and labor requirements. Also covers how to lock items so you can establish in-house pricing as well as supplier codes for importing pricing from a 3rd party service.

Material Discounts

Explains how you can adjust material discounts by group for your specific suppliers. Material discounts allow you to get a fast an accurate estimate based on your historical supplier discounts. You will also learn how to edit pricing for all items within the same material group.

Labor Factors

Details on how to adjust labor factors by group based on your specific market. Labor factors allow you to custom-tailor the labor estimates based on your past experience with specific jobs. Also covers how to edit labor rates for all items within the same labor group.

Managing Digital Plans

Covers how to import digital plans into a new job (or replace plans with revisions). Includes topics on setting up the scaling factor and a wide array of advanced features of the on-screen digitizer including:


Provides hands on experience creating and customizing piping, rectangular, round and oval specs for a job. Shows how to specify different materials based on the pipe or duct size. Includes copying specs from other jobs, as well as using the spec to custom-tailor the on-screen digitizer features such as color, transparency and text styles.

Job Items

Shows how to create custom job-specific items that can include material and labor costs. Job items are ideal for handling equipment and fixtures. You will also see how you can pass this information on to specific Excel data sheets.


Learn how to bundle multiple items into a single takeoff that can be used over and over within the same job (or stored globally so that it can be used across multiple jobs). Assemblies are a powerful tool for that can reduce the amount of time you spend during takeoff!


Step-by-step walk-through of using the on-screen digitizer and how to quickly takeoff (markup) all items of interest on a plan. Also includes advanced features for scaled sub-regions, zones, copy/paste, multipliers, graphics symbols, and much more.


A walk-through of all the available reports within the system, as well as recalculating subsections of a job by pattern. Covers a wide variety of reports available and shows how to use these reports to second-check your estimate against your company standards.


Shows how to export items from your job to send to a supplier for quotes. Saves you time and saves you money!

Microsoft Excel® Workbooks

Step-by-step guidance through the process of exporting a job to Excel so you can formalize a bid. Learn all about sorting options, reporting formats and much more...

Advanced Features

Learn a wide array of features that can save you hours of estimating time, including templates, copying jobs, multiple site folders and much more!

Q & A Session

Have some specific questions about FastWRAP? We reserve time at the end of the session to make sure all your questions are answered!

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