FastWRAP™ Insulation Estimating Software

Mechanical Insulation Estimating Software
Mechanical Insulation Estimating Software
FastPIPE, FastDUCT & FastWRAP Estimating Software with On-Screen Digitizer
  • Over 120,000 items
  • Data for pipe and fittings, as well as rectangular, round, and oval duct and fittings.
  • Insulation products from numerous manufacturers such as Johns Manville, Certainteed, Armstrong, Knauf, 3M, Childers, Foster, ICA, ITW, Pabco, Pitt Corning, Polyguard, Venture, and more.
  • Up-to-date pricing and labor rates for everything in our catalog.
  • Members of NIA (National Insulation Association)™

FastWRAP is ideal for the mechanical insulation contractor and provides insulation support for mechanical, industrial piping, plumbing, equipment, HVAC piping, HVAC duct, industrial duct and fire-stopping. FastWRAP is built on our common award-winning estimating platform and includes the same powerful features of FastPIPE and FastDUCT.

And best of all... FastWRAP is backed by our unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and a lot of new mechanical insulation work to gain!

Key Features

FastWRAP is a comprehensive solution that includes all the key features you will need for accurately estimating mechanical insulation jobs.

  1. Insulation-specific pricing catalog, jobs and bids
  2. Support for a large variety of digital plans formats (including PDFs)
  3. Specifications that can be tailored to each mechanical insulation job
  4. Takeoffs performed directly on digital job plans using our on-screen digitizer
  5. Labor rates that can be adjusted for job or site conditions
  6. Material pricing that can be job-specific based on your supplier quotes
  7. Labor and material reports filtered and sorted as you require
  8. Export to a Microsoft Excel® workbook for final quote

And we do all of this faster and easier than you ever imagined! You won't need to purchase, integrate, or learn any another 3rd-party takeoff or database package because we developed all of the FastWRAP software in-house! More detailed information on key FastWRAP features are described in the following sections.

Master Catalog

FastWRAP has the one of the largest, most complete estimating catalogs with over 120,000 items. We've included data for pipe and fittings, as well as rectangular, round, and oval duct and fittings. We are members of NIA (National Insulation Association)™ and we include insulation products from numerous manufactures such as John-Manville, Certainteed, Armstrong, Knauf, 3M, Childers, Foster, ICA, ITW, Pabco, Pitt Corning, Polyguard, Venture, and many others (and we continually add new data based on our customer's needs). Our catalog provides up-to-date pricing and labor rates for each of the items in our catalog, allowing you to build estimates fast and accurately.

Customizable Specs

FastWRAP allows you to define customized specs and takeoff screens for each individual job. You can also build your own library of specs and takeoffs, virtually eliminating the need to build them from scratch. When creating a new job, you will normally create the specs by copying from the global list. Once you have copied the global spec into your job, you can make any minor changes using the Spec Editor.

Layered Specs

FastWRAP specs support a unique layering feature that allows you to define multiple layers of insulation for a range of pipe, duct or fitting sizes. For instance, you can easily setup a duct spec to include metal jacketing on top of fiberglass board insulation. And there's no limit to how many layers you can have... Layers can include insulation, jacketing, adhesive and even paint. FastWRAP will automatically calculate the appropriate dimensions for each layer to insure that you get an accurate material and labor estimate!

Import From FastPIPE® & FastDUCT®

Import takeoffs from FastPIPE & FastDUCT and quickly estimate insulation requirements using all the power and flexibility built into FastWRAP. For most mechanical estimating software, insulation is an afterthought. Using FastWRAP, you can get a truly accurate insulation estimate for a wide range of complex applications.

Easy-to-Read Reports

FastWRAP calculates linear feet, square feet, material costs, and labor hours in seconds with a single click. Material adjustments and job factors can be applied directly to the report. Labor is separated between piping and duct and can be adjusted based on your company standards for your typical linear feet/day (piping) and square feet/day (duct).

Job Templates

Use existing jobs as templates for new jobs. For instance, if you've done work at a local school, just re-use that job for future projects... all of your previous setup and configuration will be ready-to-go.

Common Features

FastPIPE, FastDUCT & FastWRAP are built on a common award-winning estimating platform and share the same powerful features listed in the following sections.

Learn One & Done

FastPIPE, FastDUCT & FastWRAP all share a common user interface, so once you have learned one, then you have learned most of the others. This saves training time, reduces errors, and makes you more productive faster! Most contractors tell us that once you have learned one system, you can pickup the other in an hour or two without special training!

On-Screen Digitizer

Perform takeoffs directly from digital plans on your computer screen, reducing the time and costs of printing and manually marking paper copies. Our on-screen digitizer takeoff software supports a wide variety of popular CAD Drawing formats including Windows Bitmap, Dodge Plans, PDF, JPEG, TIF, GIF, PNG Images, and many others. Other features of the on-screen digitizer include

Scalable Assemblies

Define assemblies that can be scaled directly on the plan in various units including each, linear-feet, square-feet, cubic-feet, etc. Useful for a wide range of applications such as refrigeration line-sets, advanced excavation, insulation, demolition, and more. Assemblies also support user-defined parameters that allow you to modify components at takeoff-time giving even greater flexibility.

Cost Codes

Break up information on reports using your own custom cost codes. Cost codes can be assigned at a global Spec level, Assembly level or on individual takeoff items. Cost codes are integrated with reporting modules and are also exported to the Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel®

Download labor and material takeoff to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet for your final bid summary. Our standard spreadsheet includes equipment, fixtures, labor rates, rentals, taxes, and many other job related costs. We support both line item and bundled pricing options. You can even customize this spreadsheet to meet your business needs!

Export Modules

Need to integrate your cost estimating system with the back-office operations? We have the solution. Using our export modules, you can output your estimates in several formats, including Excel, CSV and industry standard XML.

Enterprise Grade Performance

Designed and built to handle large and geographically dispersed contractors. Scales to support hundreds of users on a single file server, even when accessed from multiple offices. And best of all... application data is stored in native Windows files so no additional database software to purchase or support!

Anywhere Network Access

Performance optimized for remote access over cable-speed networks. If you have a secure VPN (virtual private network), you can work your jobs from the office, home, or on the road...

Cloud-Based Updates

Software and catalog pricing is kept up-to-date automatically over the cloud. You are automatically notified when updates are available and you can install at your convenience.

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Watch our online FastWRAP Video for a complete demonstration of how FastWRAP can help grow your business!

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