Committed to Excellence

Over 25 years of research & development invested in commercial estimating software

Our Company

FastEST, Inc. develops and sells the FastPIPE®, FastDUCT® and FastWRAP cost-estimating software for commercial mechanical and HVAC specialty contractors. We are headquartered in Wichita, KS, USA and offer our software products throughout the United States and Canada.

Our History

FastEST, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 with the goal of producing the most technologically advanced construction cost estimating software available. We led the industry by developing the first mechanical estimating solution native to the Microsoft Windows® environment and continued that lead by being the first to deploy using the Microsoft DirectX® graphics environment (providing the highest-quality graphics experience available). We continue to improve and enhance our software and proudly offer the FastPIPE®, FastDUCT® and FastWRAP estimating software for commercial specialty contractors.

Today, we have thousands of users across the country and we are among the most trusted cost-estimating software in the industry. We serve customers ranging in size from startup companies with a single estimator to large, multi-office, Top 100 companies with dozens of estimators. No job is too big for our systems and we continue to lead by introducing new technologies to improve the efficiency of construction cost estimating.

Estimating Software

FastPIPE, FastDUCT & FastWRAP run natively on the latest release of Microsoft Windows. Compared to our competition, our software calculates faster, is graphically sleeker, is more reliable, and is packed with more features to make your estimating process smooth and efficient. Our software offers the following benefits

So whether this is your first look to see how estimating software can grow your business, or you are a long-time estimating software user who is tired of just "getting-by" with out-dated software, contact us and let us show you the benefits of FastPIPE, FastDUCT & FastWRAP.

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