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FastWRAP Dual-Monitor Support

FastWRAP™ is ideal for the mechanical insulation contractor and provides insulation support for mechanical, industrial piping, plumbing, HVAC piping, HVAC duct and industrial duct. FastWRAP includes the same powerful estimating features of both FastPIPE and FastDUCT including

  • Customizable Specs  FastWRAP allows you to define customized specs and takeoff screens for each individual job. You can also build your own library of specs and takeoffs, virtually eliminating the need to build them from scratch. When creating a new job, you will normally create the specs by copying from the global list. Once you have copied the global spec into your job, you can make any minor changes using the Spec Editor.

  • Job Templates  Use existing jobs as templates for new jobs. For instance, if you've done work at a local school, just re-use that job for future projects... all of your previous setup and configuration will be ready-to-go.

  • Point & Click Takeoffs Takeoffs are fast. To takeoff an item, you simply select the size and appropriate Pipe, Valve, Fitting, Flange, Hanger, or Specialty item. After entering the quantity, the item is automatically added to the takeoff list in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. And your hand never has to leave the mouse!

  • On-Screen Digitizer Interface Perform takeoffs directly from digital plans on your computer screen, reducing the time and costs of printing and manually marking paper copies. The On-Screen Digitizer takeoff software supports a wide variety of popular CAD Drawing formats including Windows Bitmap, Dodge Plans, PDF, JPEG, TIF, GIF, AutoCAD® DXF, PNG Images, and many others.

  • Spreadsheet Interface Allows you to download labor and material takeoff to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet for your final bid summary. Our standard spreadsheet includes equipment, fixtures, labor rates, rentals, taxes, and many other job related costs. You can even customize this spreadsheet to meet your business needs!

  • Export Modules Need to integrate your cost estimating system with the back-office operations? Using our export modules, you can output your estimates in several formats, including standard CSV, ODBC-Compliant, or even custom formats.

For information on pricing, refer to our Pricing page or for a demonstration of how FastWRAP can help grow your business, please visit our Free Demo page.